About SPIRIT Athleticwear

Owner/Designer, Glenda SwanOur lives are a journey, and no matter what stage we are in, women are always seeking meaning, purpose and connection. We have been given this one life--this one adventure--and need to be ready to fully experience both the Journey and the Destination. 

Glenda Swan is the designer and owner of SPIRIT Athleticwear, a Minnesota company. Mother and grandmother, it was difficult to find time to exercise, so she started riding her bicycle to work through the summers. Glenda turned her hobby of designing clothing into a business when she discovered there weren't many clothing options for women who wanted to look and feel fabulous when the workout was over.

SPIRIT Athleticwear clothes are comfortable for the journey, with performance properties that ensure freshness all day, and style for the destination. Through our website and social media we encourage and support women to be open to adventure, make connections, find meaning in every day, and never stop exploring purpose and faith in your life.

We promise to conduct our business with integrity, serve and support our customers, and contribute generously to the community.