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Such a great concept for design - while I don't like any clothing waistbands tight - which is why I bought the skirt large sizes - I understand the scrunching/ruching element of the skirt design. Well done and hope to see what more you develop.
Kathleen, Iowa
Love it!
I bought this prior to this year's Tour de Tonka and changed into it prior to the ride. It's awesome. Super cute, super comfy. I'm going to buy another one :) AND, I got a lot of compliments. That's always fun.
Your fabulous Skrunch Cycleskirt with the long distance padding got me through the Tour de Tonka 57 mile ride with comfort and style!
Nicole, Minnesota
Love it!
I love being able to bike to a coffee shop or to a local theater and pull down the skirt so I am not running around in spandex shorts. I feel covered up. F...
I like the look of the skirts and love the shorts underneath for my less ladylike postures. Most skorts seem kind of old lady-ish, or are sport skirts that ...

This skirt is perfect for me, I always bought tennis skirts in the past, I just always liked the idea of shorts underneath, well now I have a skirt that not ...

The online store is easy to maneuver and speedy in response. I am so happy with my first cycle skirt that I decided to get a second, great product!


Mary, Minnesota

The Skrunch skirt is genius. I have the regular Skrunch and the mini. I'm a bicycle commuter, so this short-to-skirt is perfect for around-town rides, trips to the grocery store, lunch dates, rides to park to walk or hike, etc. Skirt stays rolled up like a cute belt while you ride. Micropoly shorts are well designed; very high quality. Highly recommended!

Angela, California

My mother sporting her favorite spirit t-shirt. She loves it :)

Kristin, Minnesota

Love the fit and feel of both the shorts and the skirt. I was afraid that the skirt, once bunched up around my waist would feel a bit tight or "thick" but the material is so lightweight that I don't even realize it is there. When I get off my bike I just pull it down and I am ready to shop!"

Connie, Minnesota

I bought an outfit for my wife and she absolutely loves it.  I will be back!!"

Mark, Minnesota

..."But these tops, I could totally see cruising into work and then going straight to my desk. Professional, but breathable, comfy – I really like the bottoms as well and have wanted to get a pair for a while now."

Halley Weaver, Blogger, 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my skirt!!

Megan, Age 14, RAGBRAI 


"Riding a rugged mountain bike while maintaining a feminine edge isn't easy. I looked like a boy on a bike! I was searching for an alternative to the bulky biking clothing when a friend recommended Spirit Cyclewear. I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality of the Skrunch skirt. The ATD fabricham pad gives me the needed support on the singletrack without compromising chic style. I even donned the Skrunch all day at the office!"

2WheelWeather Chief Meteorologist Kristin Clark

"I bought the cowl neck shirt, and it is fabulous. So comfortable with the built in bra. Soft, light, and it fits great even on an older person. I could use a few more in other colors."

Barbara, Minnesota

"This is my new favorite skirt!"

Heidi, Minnesota 

"I love the way the shorts hold you in....An attractive look but still sporty...."

Donna, Florida

"Hello!  I love the long skirt you have and where mine almost every ride.  Now that it is getting cooler, it would be nice to have a capri length (below the knee) skirt with a built in ties to hold the skirt up while riding.  Occasionally my 20" skirt will slip down enough and get caught on my bike seat when I stand up to pedal so I have to tuck it into the back.  I really like the black/grey color as it matches easily with my riding jerseys.  Great stuff!"



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