Destination: My Desk

September 20, 2016

Despite my enthusiasm for, promotion of, and love of riding my bike, I still sit...a lot. At the end of a long day of getting little exercise except bathroom breaks, I'd have wobbly, aching legs, and feel worn out. A bike ride wasn't going to undo the other 8-10 hours of sitting. I felt like I was slowing killing myself. I needed to do something to change the sedentary nature of my work in front of a computer screen. 

So I recently purchased a stand-up desk--and I LOVE it! I figured it might take some getting used to, and that it would feel awkward and uncomfortable at first until I forced myself into the routine of standing at the computer. But that wasn't at all the case. It's been an easy transition to stand, and in only one week I far prefer standing to sitting now. 

The benefits have been great - I'm more alert during the day, I have more energy when the workday is done, my back is no longer sore, and I feel great.

I highly recommend the AirRise Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter. I found it on Amazon at half the cost of many other adjustable desks. It's very stable and easily converts from a sit-down to stand-up desk.

Arise America! Stand up at your work!

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