The Business of People

August 08, 2016

I began this journey merging the two things I love to do most: ride a bicycle and sew. Ironically, because of the business I have less time to do both of these things. However, I discovered an unexpected perk in the process:  Customers. I had no expectation that through such remote retail vehicles as pop-up stores and an online shop I would develop a relationship with my customers. Yet, I know them by name, watch them return to our website, shop again and again. I value their opinion, ask for their insight, and rely on their support.

In fact, my customers have become my greatest motivation. When I think I can't keep this up, and I'm ready to throw in the towel, it's my customers who give me energy to wake up early, give up weekends, and work longer and harder. Their support -- your support -- and feedback keep me motivated and focused and feeling like the two things I love have created something that other people enjoy and love, too. 

Here are photos of some of our SPIRIT customers. Thank You!


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