The Destination: Freedom

August 20, 2016

We forget, here in America, how precious freedom is.
We can open the door, leave the house, and take a walk, run, or ride a bike. We forget that in some places this is an act of defiance. 

Despite harassment and lack of support within their own country, communities, and sometimes even their families, the young women on the Afghan Women's National Cycling Team rode on. 

They never made it to Rio this year. In the wake of scandal and corruption, the funding they received from international supporters was siphoned and misappropriated by the coach who purported to train and guide these brave and dedicated women. 

And still they ride on. Read more about the Afghan Women's Cycling Team. The next time you ride, as you feel the power in your legs and the wind in your face, remember this is what it feels like to be Free.

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