The Journey as Revolution?

May 16, 2015

We forget. We've already forgotten the news from last week, so it's not surprising that large chunks of history get lost over time. We forget how far we've come.

Back in the 19th Century a quiet revolution took place. A newfangled contraption called the bicycle was introduced. Women had access to a mode of transportation that offered independence and joyful freedom. 

We forget that at one point in our history a proper woman didn't go out unescorted, didn't have access to independent transportation, or clothing that allowed freedom and movement. Even fashion has been influenced by cycling, with the introduction of the "bloomer"--pants that looked like a long skirt. (Read more about bloomers and bicycles by Barbara Flemming in The Coloradoan.)

Susan B. Anthony said, "(The bicycle) has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world." 

We also forget that there are still places in the world where a woman on a bicycle is considered scandalous and dangerous. For these women riding a bicycle is not just for transportation, but an act of independence and defiance. 

It's important not to forget... about history or about what other women still experience. Ride to the store today, feel the wind in your face, the joy of your heart pumping and your legs moving... and remember.

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