Safe Journeys

November 01, 2015

She's okay. My daughter was hit by a car while riding her bicycle home from work. Miraculously, she's okay. Yet the could-have-been scenarios keep spinning in my head, keeping me up at night. 

It was the dreaded left-turning car situation that so many commuter cyclists are all too familiar with: as she legally rode through an intersection, a car in the opposite lane made a left turn and didn't see her until it was too late. My dear girl was so fortunate to only come away from the accident with cuts and bruises and dental work. 

How can we avoid being invisible? Even during the day, cars often don't look for cyclists when they are making a left turn. Bright colored clothing, reflective gear, and lights may help, yet traffic, inattentiveness and distracted driving are all threats to riders in every intersection. 

SPIRIT Athleticwear is committed to helping make activity safe. We want our 2016 fabrics, prints and designs to pop to help ensure our customers are visible and safe.

We are asking for your help! Share your ideas and comments below and on our Facebook page about ways to stay safe on the road and on our bikes.
Thank you!

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